The Sidaction Association Celebrates All Sexualities With Its First LGBTQ+ Kamasutra

On the occasion of the Pride March in which Sidaction participates, the association for the fight against AIDS publishes the first Kamasutra for the LGBTQ+ community. An educational support to “celebrate all loves”, but also to prevent the spread of HIV.

“Love knows no bounds, neither of bodies nor of sexes”† On the occasion of the Pride March, Sidaction is launching the first Kamasutra for the LGBTQ+ community, which is available online for free. This inclusive Kamasutra serves to: “protect all love and all forms of sexuality”explains Florence Thune, General Manager of Sidaction.

Throughout the illustrations, the agency The Good Company returns to the Kamasutra with ‘soft’ images, with gay couples, the diversity of bodies, bigger, thinner bodies”. Before going to the site, however, it is indicated that the site contains explicit images .

Among the very colorful pages we also find the reflexes to adopt in order not to contract HIV. “It’s an opportunity to talk about sexuality and also to include HIV prevention tools, such as condoms, in these drawings,” explains Florence Thune.

“To protect yourself against HIV, you need satisfying and consenting sex. At that point, you are more likely to find ways to take care of yourself and protect yourself from HIV.”

The organization emphasizes sex education, especially for young people, starting at school. The association recalls the obligation since 2001 to conduct at least three sex education sessions a year in middle and high school.

As the Pride march is being held on June 25, Sidaction warns of the rise in homophobia, as well as an increase in bullying against those who do not conform to heteronormative standards or canons of beauty. In a press release, the association states that it: “urgent action for the acceptance, protection and implementation of the rights to health and non-discrimination of all”.

(ETX Daily Up)

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