How do you create an ecologically responsible website and reduce CO2 emissions?

Building, hosting and updating your website in such a way that as little CO2 is emitted into the air as possible, that is the promise of Mon Site Vert, a service aimed at individuals and professionals who want to reduce their ecological footprint.

Mon Site Vert plays on two levers to move towards CO2 neutrality. First, when the site is published, Mon Site Vert will continue to optimize the codes, refined, as well as the multimedia content (images, music and videos) so that the whole “light” possible. This makes the pages load faster and consumes less power. This type of green content management system (CMS) results in lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions in half, compared to WordPress, the benchmark in website creation platform.

At the hosting level of the site, Mon Site Vert uses servers made from recycled materials and powered by energy generated by solar panels. Note that Mon Site Vert ultimately provides accurate statistics to quantify the digital impact of each of the sites it hosts.

Unfortunately, My Green site cannot work miracles and guarantee CO2 neutrality† Therefore, the service compensates by investing in low-carbon projects. That is why the subscription of 25 euros per month (HT) includes access to the editor, hosting, regular updates, daily backups, but also CO2 compensation.

(ETX Daily Up)

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