The little mouse among the baby teeth: a whole universe around the little mouse for your children

How do you know if the Little Mouse passed? Why does she collect children’s teeth? Does the little mouse really exist? These are all questions that many parents have faced at one time or another. This is the case of François-Xavier Poulain who, in order to answer his daughter’s questions, decided to personify the Little Mouse by creating The Little Mouse with Milk Teeth. First through children’s albums and then through the creation of a website, François-Xavier reveals to us the wonderful universe of the Little Mouse, to the delight of young and old! Discovery.

Why did you decide to start? in this adventure?

At first I just wanted to answer all the questions my daughter asked me on the way home from school and see her eyes sparkle with curiosity. And because the other children really liked it too, I developed the idea with booklets about the Little Mouse.

The first two albums answer children’s questions about the Little Mouse and the loss of baby teeth. They also help parents and grandparents who have to answer their children’s questions. The following books tell the adventures of this little character who has to overcome a whole series of difficulties to carry out his mission, in the four corners of France.

Photo: © The little mouse of milk teeth

In addition to the books, you also made a website. Can you tell us more?

I created the La Petite Souris website for baby teeth so any child can warn her when they lose a tooth. When this important event arrives, he can send her a beautiful card or leave a voicemail message on her answering machine. It is also used to reassure those who are apprehensive and sometimes even anxious at the thought of losing a tooth.

The site also includes essential items for children old enough to lose their teeth: baby tooth boxes, fun tooth brushing kit, small wooden games but also the real coins of the Little Mouse. Beautiful pieces with his likeness that shine as much as gold. Naturally, all these products are made in France from sustainable materials.

Photo: © The little mouse of milk teeth

What message do you want to convey by imitating the universe of the little mouse?

I want to bring a little sweetness, joy and humor through stories for children at an age when the loss of first teeth often corresponds to learning to read. I would like to point out that all the stories are set in places that actually exist and that kids can visit them too after discovering them in the books.

Want to answer all your kids’ questions about the Little Mouse? Visit the Little Milk Teeth Mouse website and follow her adventures on Facebook and Instagram. And because we like to please our readers, you can too try to win 4 youth albums from La Petite Souris des dents de lait by entering the competition below!

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