Do you want to protect your privacy on the internet? Install these six extensions.

In order not to provide third parties with information about its identity or its various online uses, it is necessary to protect the navigation. How?’ Or ‘What? Thanks to extensions to install on your internet browser. We present 6 of them, one of the most easily accessible.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is available for most web browsers and automatically blocks invisible trackers. So your browsing data is not shared by anyone and for advertisers it is as if you have suddenly disappeared.

As the name suggests, this extension deletes all cookies when you leave a web page or close a tab in your browser. If necessary, you can of course choose to keep a number of them. This extension is also available in all popular browsers.

HTTPS everywhere

As the name suggests, HTTPS Everywhere automatically switches thousands of sites to HTTPS (note, however, that it cannot establish a secure connection to a site that does not offer HTTPS). As a result, your data is better protected, which can be tracked as you move from one site to another. Either way, HTTPS Everywhere enables all the security features that already exist on the sites you visit.

Facebook container

Facebook Container, developed by teams at the Mozilla Foundation, the publisher of Firefox, is not tracked by the world’s No. 1 social network. This extension automatically blocks connections, likes and comments from Facebook (as well as Instagram or Messenger) on all websites visited, with the possibility to create exceptions depending on the use of each website.

don’t follow me google

The name of this extension says it all: Don’t Track Me Google automatically blocks the tracking code associated with every Google search. Apart from protecting privacy, this extension also helps to speed up the display of results.

I don’t care about cookies

This extension removes all cookie notifications that appear when you arrive at a new site. In addition to “hiding” all these windows, which are often painful to remove by force, it automatically accepts the site’s cookie policy.

For each of these solutions, please visit the management menu of your browser extensions to verify that they are compatible and that you can install them.

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