The German company PLANT B launches a 100% vegan egg substitute based on lupine

In Germany, the company PLANT B is preparing to launch a revolutionary product: an all-vegetable liquid egg substitute. The Hamburg-based company claims that this cruelty-free food offers the same functionality as the classic chicken egg, with 50% fewer calories. This plant-based alternative took over 15 months of development to achieve a texture similar to that of a conventional chicken egg. To achieve this, PLANT B has focused on an important ingredient in plant foods: lupine.

This protein-rich legume continues to gain popularity with food manufacturers, proving once again that it can work wonders.“We have recreated the chicken egg with only seven natural ingredients using advanced technology. Whether for large kitchens or for the stove, this product offers unlimited cooking and baking possibilities: spaghetti carbonara, vegetable quiche, muffins or cakes, etc…”said Thomas Starz, founder and CEO of PLANT B.

PLANT B’s vegan liquid egg substitute will be launched in Germany in April 2022 as a ready-to-eat fresh product.

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