The Gant brand encourages its customers to give their clothes a second life

The fashion industry strives to implement new practices to reduce its impact on the environment. Something that essentially involves using materials that are more respectful of the planet, recycling and second-hand. This is what the Gant brand now offers, which has chosen to give unused clothing of its customers a second life in exchange for vouchers.

The climate emergency is now one of the problems facing fashion players. In fact, one of their biggest concerns is the impact of second most polluting industry in the world† While some brands are expanding partnerships with start-ups to unearth the sustainable materials of the future—mushrooms, dandelion and other corn waste—other brands are turning to recycling, or even upcycling, to play on the waste lever. † But many industry professionals are also multiplying initiatives to ensure that clothing is passed from hand to hand at a lower cost, to extend their lifespan.

This is the case with American brand Gant, which continues its responsible fashion efforts with “Second Life”, a mobile application that allows retailers to collect and resell second-hand items in their store(s)† Customers now have the option to deposit clothing and accessories that they no longer use in stores equipped with this program. The target? Preventing Gant products from ending up in the back of a closet without the ability to unleash (all) their potential.

More concretely, the customer who wants to deposit an unused item can have this estimated first, before taking advantage of a voucher for the value of that item. The only step that ultimately has to be taken for the public, who can then renew their wardrobe as they wish. The deposited clothing can be offered to new or new buyers through the second-hand platform Vestiaire Collective, or through special areas in the brand’s boutiques.

“With proper care, a top quality shirt can last 20 years and support a sustainable and eco-friendly wardrobe. The seven rules are: reuse, renew, redo, repair, reserve, recycle and love again. We want to inspire and invite consumers to take joint responsibility to extend the life of their clothing.”

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, sustainability director at Gant.

Currently, the initiative is offered in three outlets in France: the stores on Boulevard des Capucines and Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, and the store in Bordeaux.

(ETX Daily Up)

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