Thanks to biophilic design, plants stimulate well-being at work

When nature invites itself into buildings, we speak of biophilic architecture. For several years now, on both sides of the open spaces to bring the office back to life. They calm, de-stress and increase the creativity and productivity of employees.

On the desks, next to pens and sticky notes, is a pot of Cissus rhombifolia, grape ivy and cuttings of green plants. In recent years, nature has invited itself into buildings thanks to plants. The latter grow on both sides of the open spaces to bring the office back to life.

This trend has a name: architecture and/or biophilic design. It involves introducing natural elements into the design of buildings or interior spaces.

Major tech companies have turned it into a desktop model. Amazon opened its headquarters in Seattle, imported nearly 40,000 plants, a cabin and built a real waterfall in the three domes called the spheres. In 2021, Google followed suit at its new campus in New York, where a real ecosystem has emerged, the American press announced at the end of the year.

Creativity, Anxiety Reduction and Productivity

The interest of companies in turning to this office furnishing comes down to several aspects. The beauty that comes from places decorated with greenery is calming and has an advantage in attracting talent. Because when nature calms down, it reduces stress and increases creativity and productivity.

“The idea of ​​integrating nature through biophilic design is rarely seen as a luxury in modern professional spaces, but rather as a sensible economic investment in the health, wellbeing and performance of employees.Cary Cooper, a professor of organizational and health psychology at Lancaster University, writes in his Human Spaces report.

An idea shared by Michele Neptune, member of Google’s sustainability team, interviewed by the Financial times when the campus opens. “We want to create workplaces that reduce stress, improve cognitive function and increase creativity; all this makes our employees healthier, happier and more involved in their work”.

Here’s a way to bring color and coziness to places and help ideas grow.

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