Get rid of cars, our cities would look like this (12 photos)

Artist and musician Zach Katz is transforming the streets of major cities around the world to make room for pedestrians. Every day he publishes new creations on his Twitter account and in a few weeks has become the idol of internet users, urban planners and politicians.

How do you envision the city centers of the future? The Twitter account AI-generated street transformations looks at the demand thanks to DALL-E, the artificial intelligence that has created a real trend on the internet. Fountains, green spaces, rails or roads reserved for bicycles and cyclists take place to significantly change the urban landscape.

Behind this account, Zach Katz, artist and musician, is thinking about alternatives to give pedestrians more space. He shares his creations from the account created for the occasion, on July 20, 2022. His very first photo was of his street in New York’s Brooklyn borough. The bitumen has been replaced by a cobbled street with a fountain in the middle.

Consider With the results of this beneficial experience, he considered continuing more seriously by making other changes in mainly American and Australian cities. Adelaide, Sydney, Boston or even Los Angeles… they are all destined for fascinating transformations.

“Visualization is the most powerful way to effect change”the 28-year-old told Bloomberg City Lab.

Under the messages, the reactions pour in, asking if he can come up with personalized creations. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, mayor Ryan Sorenson even tweeted him.

“Council members and city planners across the country seem very inspired by the images”, Zach Katz noted. Enough to power a movement?

(ETX Daily Up)

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