Tea, a natural ally at the service of your skin. Here’s how to use it.

Tea has countless health benefits, but did you know it’s also an essential beauty ally? In the form of powder, oil or even simple sachets, tea now occupies a prominent place in the composition of many home cosmetics. Consume without moderation!

the do it yourself (DIY) continues to seduce. The pandemic, through successive incarcerations, has encouraged men and women to make up their own cosmetic recipes, either because of store closures or the desire to use shorter and more readable formulas. As a result, certain ingredients that were previously little known for their skin benefits are now appearing as beauty companions that should not be overlooked. This is the case with tea, which has many benefits for all skin types, including combination to oily skin.

An ally against acne

Green tea and white tea are both real allies for those who have a tendency to develop acne, if only because of their astringent properties. In other words, they not only make it possible to tighten the tissues of the skin – for more tone and radiance – but also to reduce the secretion of sebum. All without drying out the epidermis, because in the form of oil they are also very moisturizing. Tea therefore initially seems to be an essential ingredient for the so-called “problem” skin.

Fight against sagging skin

Tea leaves are rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals responsible for premature aging of skin cells. Compounding cosmetics based on green or white tea therefore makes it possible to counteract sagging of the skin and signs of aging, while at the same time making it supple and elastic. The skin is plumper and plumper. A real makeover, in short – or almost.

Not content with being the ideal ally for combination, oily and mature skin, green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties that have the particularity of calming the skin and making it less reactive.

Beauty in bags

If there is tea powder, or even tea vegetable oils, know that it is entirely possible to use tea bags to meet the needs of your skin. For example, once used, they can be kept in the fridge and then applied to the eyes to combat dark circles and bags under the eyes. They can also get rid of a pimple – apply a moist sachet to the pimple for this purpose – or moisturize and soothe the skin when accompanying you to your bath.

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