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Perseids: The most beautiful rain of shooting stars in 2022 will be on the night of August 12-13

Since July 17 and until August 22, 2022, we have the opportunity and pleasure to witness the rain of shooting stars of the Perseids. And if you have not yet attended this celestial spectacle, know that the luminous swarm will be at its peak on the night of August 12-13. So, ready to roll your eyes?

The most beautiful rain of shooting stars

The Perseids are considered the most beautiful meteor shower. Each year from mid-July to late August, this swarm of light returns as Earth’s orbit cuts through the debris released in its wake by Comet Swift-Tuttle. These meteors move at a speed of 210,000 km/h and are very numerous (more than 100 per hour).

Photo: Shutterstock.com

How to observe the Perseids 2022?

The most beautiful meteor shower of the year will be at its peak on the night of Friday 12 August to Saturday 13 August, during sunset. But this year, the show could be disrupted by the Full Moon. Indeed, the strong brightness could reduce the chances of seeing a large amount of shooting stars.

Would you like to attend this heavenly spectacle? To take full advantage of this moment, settle in a quiet place, away from light pollution (lampposts, car headlights, etc.). And since the nights are often cool, bring warm clothes and a blanket.

Once you are comfortable, look in the direction of the northeast : it is in this direction that the radiant, in other words, is the point from which the shooting stars appear to emerge. It is located between the pole star and the constellations of Coachman (Auriga), Perseus (Perseus), and Aries (Aries). In general, it takes our eyes 30 minutes to get used to the dark, so be patient!

Perseid Meteor Shower Sky Map
Perseid Meteor Shower Sky Map – Photo: Shutterstock

You no longer have an excuse to take full advantage of this heavenly ballet!

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