Tazita, the new retail brand betting on “made in France”

The French retail family is about to expand. A brand new brand called Tazita is preparing to open 300 stores in France and plans to entice consumers with a sales promise around Made in France, which makes up 70% of the offer.

Bet on French heritage to weigh in on the distribution landscape. That is the ambition of Tazita, a new distributor, whose name is not yet final, according to information published exclusively by LSA† Some 7,500 references will form the shelves of these new stores, whose offerings will be curated 70% of French productions† First, it will be food items as these will represent 60% of Tazita’s shelves. In particular, there will be 18% fresh products.

Food distribution goes no less than: 240 points of sale that the new sign plans to set up on the fringes of small towns with between 8,000 and 12,000 residents. The future brand will complete its activity with sixty other non-food stores. The very first openings will take place in September in the Lyon region and in the south of France, towards Marignane, Nîmes and Perpignan.

The choice of Made in France will not affect the unique originality of this distributor. Tazita plans to fully integrate its suppliers into its success by asking them to take a 25% stake. According to the specialized media so the distributor will not pressure its suppliers during commercial negotiations to perpetuate its cooperative system. On the consumer side, we can expect sensible prices if we meet the target of a average basket per customer set at 35 euros

According to a recent survey by Appinio for the Glory Paris agency, Made in France is the fourth purchase criterion (28%), after price (82%), quality (74%) and longevity (47%). 60% of those surveyed trust that they often, even systematically, pay attention to this data.

(ETX Daily Up)

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