Symbol of love and fidelity, what if you learned to fold an origami swan?

Today we invite you to discover how to fold an origami swan. The swan is a bird with multiple symbols. In particular, it represents love and fidelity. Indeed, this beautiful bird stays with the same partner for many years and often even for life. So let’s go for a little folding workshop that will allow you to offer a beautiful origami swan to the one you love!

This origami is quite easy to make. It requires several steps to achieve the final result, but no complex folds are required, as you will see in this video tutorial. It is therefore particularly suitable for beginners (or even children who want to switch to more advanced models).

To make this origami, all you need is a 6″ by 6″ origami sheet (or the size of your choice if you want a smaller or larger end result). Depending on your taste and the desired result, you can use plain paper, colored paper or paper with patterns.

We invite you to discover this video origami tutorial. Look.

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