Svetlana K: a chic and sustainable ready-to-wear brand in Slavic fashion

After years of working in the fashion world and in a textile industry damaged by the effects of globalization, stylist Svetlana Konoreva decided in 2018 to create her own brand, far from the frenzy of trends. With a style chic Parisianinspired by its Slavic origins, Svetlana Konoreva shares with us the essence of her brand: a timeless and sustainable wardrobe on the paths of slow mode Meeting with a designer who is committed to eco-friendly fashion.

Photos: © Svetlana K

Who are you, what is your background and what is your role in the project?

My name is Svetlana. From the age of ten I discovered the French language and images of Paris at school. At that moment I felt a very strong emotion and I knew that one day I would go there. So when I finished my fashion studies, I moved to Paris and worked as a stylist in several Parisian houses. After ten years of evolving in the fashion world, in 2018 I decided to launch my own collection: Svetlana K, a brand of eco-responsible clothing for women.

Can you tell us more about your project?

With this project I want to offer a different fashion, less uniform and enriched with my personal history. Thus, Svetlana K offers timeless pieces in the image of Parisian chic, mixed with the subtle sweetness and melancholy of Slavic women. you will find everything wardrobe supplies at fair prices and made with products of exceptional quality, here in my studio in the heart of Paris.

Photo: © Svetlana K

Reducing the impact of Svetlana K on the environment is very close to my heart. For this reason I use organic, organic, recycled or upcycled materials, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton or materials from the closing stock of luxury homes. On the production side, I chose France and Europe to reduce the impact of transport and ensure that the workers work in good conditions.

The Svetlana K collections are made of high-quality European and environmentally friendly materials and also adapt to all body types. To provide an exclusive experience, the models are offered in limited editions.

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

All the brands where I have had the opportunity to work made their products in Asia. During my career as a designer, I traveled a lot to production sites and I was also very disappointed with the materials and products used in the manufacture of the clothing and with the working conditions of the workers in the factories.

At that time I was also a real fashion victim. I often bought clothes, I tested different looks, different styles and my closets were full of clothes… One day I understood the futility of my actions and I felt the need to give meaning to fashion† I searched my closets and started drawing the essence that I will keep for years with the idea of ​​​​creating a different, more transparent and honest fashion.

Photos: © Svetlana K

What message do you want to convey with your action?

The fast fashion deals real damage. The big brands are not short of ideas to consume even more. With Svetlana K I want to guide my clients on the way to the slow modeencourage them to buy less but better, investing in beautiful pieces that they can keep for a long time.

In addition, France is known worldwide for its exceptional know-how. So with Svetlana K, I also want to support this know-how by collaborating with local artisans while reducing the environmental impact of my brand, here, in my workshop, in the heart of Paris.

Do you want to take the plunge slow mode and to choose timeless and sustainable clothing † Visit Svetlana K’s website to find out essential pieces for an eco-responsible wardrobe

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