Stunned deer: 30 million friends warn motorists and urge caution

Did you know that some animals, like humans, can be in a state? drunk Unlikely as it may seem, this is the case with deer, especially in this spring season. When you go out on the road, be extra vigilant!

In spring the buds seem to give way to a multitude of flowers. These tiny organs, located at the top of the stems, are packed with sugar and are a delight to certain wildlife, especially deer. Only downside, consuming large doses, they can have the same effects as alcohol. In reality, “by fermenting in the stomach, they produce the same effects as alcohol, turn the head, disorientexplains 30 million friends.

As a result, it is not impossible to encounter “drunk” and totally disoriented deer along the side of the road. The foundation therefore calls on both motorists and passers-by to be careful. Purpose of this warning? Warn them to avoid any risk of accident to the animal, especially since young deer are most affected by this phenomenon.

“The loss of natural landmarks is not only due to the incorporation of euphoric plants: there is also an obligation for young deer to leave their mothers in the spring and capture an area.”

For your safety and that of the animal, stay safe and careful!

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