Food voucher: who can benefit from it and for what amount?

For a large number of French people, local and responsible consumption rhymes with high costs. So to facilitate access to short circuits, the government will pay certain households a food voucher. See if you can take advantage of this boost.

Who can benefit?

With rising fuel and energy prices, the French are struggling to make ends meet. As a result, any savings are good to take, especially on supermarket shelves. Instead of buying organic and local products, consumers are turning to imported fruits, vegetables, meat or fish.

In support of the “eight million fellow citizens who have difficulties accessing local productions, quality productions, our French productions”as Julien Denormandie points out, in December 2021 the state announced the creation of monthly financial aid to the “lower and middle class”† For the time being, the allocation conditions remain unclear, but it seems that this food voucher only applies to young people aged 18 to 25 in a precarious situation, but also to families with children with a modest income.

For what amount?

All conditions regarding the amount of the food voucher have not yet been announced, but according to the LREM deputy, Grégory Besson-Moreau, it would be a check from 30 to 60 euros per month, a budget of 4 to 6 billion euros per year for the government. In addition, this support should also make it possible to help farmers pay up to 85% of the total amount of the food voucher.

This boost should start in the coming days or even months. At the moment, the places that are eligible for payment via the food voucher are not yet known. So many gray areas still need to be clarified…

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