Strasbourg: Petition calls for a daily vegan option in the Crous

Faced with the climate crisis, more and more young people are making the contents of their plates greener. But if the students of colleges, secondary schools and universities participate in this way, not all canteens follow the movement. In Strasbourg, a 22-year-old student has just launched a petition to challenge the Crous on this issue.

Léa Bollecker turned vegan three years ago. This 22-year-old student, enrolled in Master 2 at the University of Strasbourg, has since faced a recurring problem: the lack of vegan options in her university restaurant. “In Strasbourg, only one RU (university restaurant), the Paul-Appell, offers a daily vegetable offer, and in the others the dishes are not very extensive, for example, they do not contain much vegetable protein.”, the young woman confides 20 Minutes . From then on, she is required to bring her own meals to eat between classes.

574 signatures to the plates of the Crous. to make green

Faced with this situation, the student decided to take action. She has just launched a petition to challenge the Crous (regional center for university and school works) in Strasbourg on this issue. Purpose: to obtain “a daily vegetable option in all its university restaurants in Alsace”† And that, according to the young woman, calls for better training for chefs. His petition has already collected 574 signatures.

“De Crous has already done a lot in this regard. There is a real appetite of chefs and a dynamism in this direction. After that, there is still a lot of substantive work to be done, because vegetables are more complicated than vegetarians”responded to 20 minutes Sarah Boos, Head of the Communication and Marketing Department of the Crous de Strasbourg. For her, the transition to plant-based food should be ‘gradual’, without ‘systematization’ and without replacing plant-based meals with more traditional meals.

Restaurant U Paul-Appell serves 500 vegan portions a day

For its part, the university restaurant Paul-Appell in Strasbourg has already integrated the plants well, and it works. “When we launched the vegetable center in 2018, we made 70 servings and only on Wednesday afternoons. Today we serve 500 servings a day to the approximately 2,000 students who eat with us. (…) The demand was much higher than we thought”reports Julien Ledogar, director of restaurant U, quoted by 20 minutes† A success that has also led to the “grilled area” being renamed “vegetable area”.

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