Stockholm: These electric ferries will soon compete with the car or the metro

Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela hopes to launch a first fleet of ferries in Stockholm in 2023, promising faster travel than traditional public transport and, above all, much more ecological.

A first test of the Candela P-12 should take place at the end of 2022, between the municipality of Ekerö, west of Stockholm, and the center of the capital. The journey, of about fifteen kilometers, should only take 25 minutes. If all goes well, this type of shuttle will be part of the fleet of public transport ferries in the city of Stockholm from 2023.

These 12-meter shuttles can accommodate about 30 passengers and have a range of 50 nautical miles, or just under 100 km. They have recessed wings under the fuselage, known as “foils”, which allow them to take off slightly above the water and reach a maximum speed of 30 knots. From 16 knots, the foils kick in and the boat picks up speed by “taking off” a little. Note that by “flying” above the water, the P-12 generates no harmful wake and is even more stable for the passengers.

With a cruising speed of an estimated 25 knots (the equivalent of 46 km/h), this shuttle could halve the time spent on certain routes usually traveled by car or metro. Candela also promises a quiet vehicle, requiring little maintenance and costing much less than an equivalent model that runs on an internal combustion engine. For an operator, this alone can mean significant savings of approximately 90% on energy costs.

Ultimately, therefore, Candela’s wish would be to be able to replace a large conventional vessel with a fleet of P-12 shuttles, in Stockholm but also in other major cities where river transport could save residents time.

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