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Sports, accommodation, swimming: the measures to be taken in the event of a heat wave

France is currently facing an early spell of very warm weather, with temperatures expected to approach 40 degrees in the south this Friday, June 17. A situation that poses a health risk to the most vulnerable and vulnerable people, be it age, pregnancy, health condition or specific working conditions. Here are some recommendations to follow to protect yourself from this first heat wave.

Several thousand hospitalizations and hundreds of deaths can result from heat waves that hit many countries around the world every year. To reduce these risks, Public Health France especially recommends taking the right actions from the first days and the first heat, to avoid worrying about the first warning signs, namely fatigue, cramps, absence of urine for 5 hours , dark urine or sweats when drinking a glass of water.

Hydration, freshness and tranquility

This may seem obvious, yet not everyone is consuming enough water during these extreme heat waves. Hydration remains essential, even when you are not thirsty. It is recommended that you drink water regularly throughout the day, even if that means setting an alarm so you don’t forget. Unsurprisingly, but better to clarify, alcohol should be avoided, at least avoided, during this heat wave episode.

As far as possible, it is also essential to keep cool and therefore not go outside during the hottest hours of the day. If your accommodation does not allow you to take advantage of any freshness, do not hesitate to go to public places that will make up for this lack, namely a library, a cinema, a shop or any other place where the heat will win’ not overwhelming. Physical exertion should also be limited to the hottest hours as much as possible. Anyone who has to work during this heat wave can find the measures to be followed on the website of the National Institute for Research and Security (INRS).

During this early wave, temperatures don’t drop below 20 degrees even at night, so make sure to keep your accommodation cool. Santé Publique France recommends keeping blinds and windows closed during the day when they are directly exposed to the sun, and only opening them on the shaded side if this allows a draft. Its purpose is to repel heat and cool the various rooms of the home. When the outside temperature gets cooler than the inside temperature, don’t hesitate to open everything up to refresh the air and enjoy a little freshness.

Vigilance when bathing

Many will likely turn to water points to cope with this heat wave. Nautical activities, whatever they are, are not without danger. While children should of course be supervised by a responsible adult, even if they can swim, adults should also respect certain recommendations to enjoy these activities in complete safety. It’s about not drinking alcohol before swimming, getting into the water gradually, listening to your body and understanding your physical condition.

(ETX Daily Up)

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