5 tips for growing an apricot tree from an apricot kernel

Apricot season has begun! These delicious little orange fruits are a great way to quench your thirst during the summer. Tasted raw, in a pie or in a smoothie, apricots have detoxifying properties and allow us to fill us with vitamins, especially A, B or C. To enjoy this fruit in the summer, you can buy some on the market or growing an apricot tree (Prunus armeniaca, for friends) at home. How to go further? What steps to follow? Explanation in this practical article.

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Choose the right kernel

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick an apricot kernel and plant it in your yard if you want to get fruit. Before sowing an apricot tree, check that the fruit(s) you have in your possession are not of a grafted or hybrid variety. Better to set your sights on a mid-season apricot kernel from a self-seeded tree. If you just bought store-bought apricots, you can still try to plant it, but it is not guaranteed to turn into a tree and bear fruit.

prepare the ground

Now that you have chosen your core(s), you can prepare your ground. Just dig a hole, mix the soil with some sand and substrate and you’re done!

Break your core in two

To help Mother Nature, break the kernels in half (using a nutcracker, for example). Be careful not to damage the small almonds as they are the ones that can then sprout and turn into a beautiful apricot tree. Once your cores are close (1 to 3), you can add them to the previously dug hole. Cover and then water generously.

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Protect your seeds

If rodents have invaded your garden, do not forget to surround your stones with a protective material. You can remove them once germination has started.

Monitor your young plant

To help your plant grow, mulch the base, water regularly for the first few years, and then only when the leaves start to turn yellow. Like other plants and trees, add some compost in the fall and prune it as needed.

We hope that thanks to all these tips you can get your hands on a beautiful fruit tree.

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