Say no to harmful cosmetics this summer with Les Enfants Sauvages 100% Natural Deodorants

Especially in the summer it is an essential part of our toiletry bag: deodorant. But it’s not easy to find an effective deodorant that respects both our skin and our planet. And it must be said that most of the so-called “effective” products are often filled with endocrine disruptors. So to be sure of the right choice, you can opt for organic, vegan and refillable deodorants. wild children, a high-end French cosmetics brand that offers deodorants that are as effective as they are natural. Discovery.

It’s summer, the temperatures are rising, you feel the heat wave overwhelm you and you still haven’t found an effective deodorant with a healthy formula? However, there are natural, effective and non-toxic products for our skin. This is the case with Les Enfants Sauvages deodorants. William and Lucie are the founders of this brand with respect for our body made in 2019.

Photo: © Wild Children

“Organic and natural deodorants weren’t effective enough for me, so I decided to create Les Enfants Sauvages. †

William Wauters, co-founder of the brand

Natural and ultra-effective deodorants

It is therefore hand in hand that this couple embarked on the adventure of organic, natural and sustainable cosmetics. However, nothing predestined William to entrepreneurship before he created les Enfants Sauvages. He therefore had to double his imagination to develop a recipe for deodorants free from aluminum and other disturbances

Challenge fulfilled since “This 100% natural, organic and vegan formula lasts all day, under all conditions”, explains William. Indeed, after two years of research to create the ideal formula, the two founders had their products tested by their community and professional athletes, and the result is clear: unfailing efficiency even in very hot weather.

Photo: © Wild Children

An ecologically responsible approach

Three years have passed and today the Enfants Sauvages offer a range consisting of: two deodorants with unisex scents of Yuzu (citrus note) and Sandalwood (woody fragrance). Their composition is both healthy and environmentally friendly: 100% natural and 76% organic, it is 7.6 times more than the 10% required by the Cosmébio charter. To take an eco-responsible approach, the cosmetic brand has chosen to ship its bottles. There is no more waste with these refillable glass bottles!

“We want to set an example in this area, with a very concrete approach to waste-free products that are easy to use, so that everyone can easily pass this important milestone. †

William Wauters, co-founder of the brand

Deodorants are: made in Provence† The product is sold separately for €22 (for four months of use), or in a pack with the refill for €39 (for eight months of use). After five collected refills, you will receive a return slip to return your used glass bottles.

You are looking fora natural deodorant to overcome the summer temperatures? Discover the organic, vegan and zero-waste deodorants them wild children and enjoy them natural efficiency in all circumstances

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