Say goodbye to promotional emails and receipts with Paplar

Is your wallet full of receipts and your mailbox full of promotional content? Don’t panic, thanks paplar now you can shop without worrying about clutter and pollution (paper and digital). Thanks to this application, you have the opportunity to create a special email address for your online and in-store purchases. Discovery.

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Make the receipt disappear

Initially, Paplar was born from the idea of ​​three young entrepreneurs to end the receipts and credit card receipts that pile up in consumers’ purses and handbags. It must be said that the average annual consumption of a French hypermarket represents a roll of paper more than 850 kilometers long, the equivalent of the Paris-Montpellier distance…

The young shoot hatched at Station F, the largest start-up incubator in Europe, then developed a solution that allows buyers a special email address for their online purchases, but also in shops when they offer dematerialized vouchers. An option that will flourish in the coming years, because from 2023 the automatic printing of receipts will be banned.

In addition to this physical pollution, Paplar’s founders have discovered another, even more insidious and significant one: that of the promotional emails he received after giving his email to brands. And rightly so, digital pollution is a major environmental problem. It is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Fight against digital pollution

“Today, an unnecessarily stored email is 10 g of CO2 issued per year. Every day 330 billion emails are sent worldwide “explains Cyril Dzou Ottou, co-founder of Paplar. To limit the avalanche of promotional offers in your Paplar box, a new feature has just been released. The system makes it possible to Automatically sort emails by relevance† For example, the “essential” validation or order tracking messages and the proof of purchase are saved and marked. On the other hand, promotional offers are sorted as they occur to avoid clogging your inbox. These will then be deleted as soon as their validity period has expired.

“Six months after the launch of the application, we have already managed to save 110 kg of CO2 (Editor’s note: the equivalent of a Paris-Toulouse flight)

Cyril Dzou Ottou, co-founder and CEO of Paplar

“Users are trapped by the influx of promotional emails. We can arrange it, there are always new ones added.regrets Cyril Dzou Ottou, who continues: “For those who make the effort to consume sustainably, it can be very frustrating to fall victim to this unsolicited digital pollution for which they feel responsible despite everything.

Photo: © Papalar

Improve the customer experience

Thanks to the functionalities that Paplar offers, consumers can therefore send their e-mail with confidence, whether it concerns daily shopping, creating loyalty cards or monthly subscriptions such as Spotify, Deezer or Netflix… Dedicated to transactional e-mails , which do not require written responses, Paplar does not provide e-mail transmission on the application. At the same time, browsing your usual mailbox immediately becomes much more palatable.

“The idea is that consumers don’t be afraid anymore to fill their email when visiting stores or online as they know Paplar will take care of filtering the essentials from the unwanted ones. †

Cyril Dzou Ottou, co-founder and CEO of Paplar

In concrete terms, creating your Paplar alias is child’s play. Just download the application, available on Apple and Android, and register in just a few clicks. And that without revealing too much personal information. User data is also encrypted and stored in France.

On the application, navigation is easy. “We chose a menu without tabs ‘ jokes the co-founder. So on the same page we find his “thread” with all his “essential” emails, and soon stories with ephemeral content such as the newsletters you subscribe to, as well as an agenda with the upcoming events: games, concert , airline tickets purchased through the app. The user can also instantly find the list of brands to which he or she has provided his or her contact details and choose to unsubscribe from their communications with one click.

Want hunt for useless emails and D’get rid of cumbersome receiptsTry the app paplar by downloading it directly from the Apple Store True Google Play

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