Garden: 5 creative borders and 100% recycling for your flower beds

Want to brighten up your flower bed without spending a dime? For this, nothing is better than a border made from recycled materials. It’s simple, original and it won’t cost you anything † Here are some examples to test without further delay.

Edge with scrap wood

To deviate from the well-known wooden trunk, you can install various pieces of wood that you have too much (parquet, panelling, etc.) around your flower bed. This mix of color and size will bring a touch of originality to your garden.

Bamboo border

Bamboo is gaining more and more followers. To give your garden an exotic touch, you can create a border with the old stems. It is simple, creative and aesthetically pleasing, especially since this plant is particularly vigorous and will not deteriorate quickly over time.

mosaic border

Do you have remnants of tiles, marble or glass paste in your garage and you don’t know what to do with them? You can reuse them to create a mosaic border around your flower bed. Nothing better to illuminate your garden!

Rim with glass bottles

Are you about to throw away your empty beer, wine or juice bottles? And if you reuse them to demarcate your garden? To do this, nothing is easier, just turn them over and plant the neck in the ground. Moving on, here are 5 smart and practical ideas to transform your used glass bottles.

Border with plates

Finally, last idea full of originality: turn your old tableware into a garden border. Open your cupboards and put aside the dishes you no longer use. Small, hollow, solid, patterned, in porcelain or glass, you’re spoiled for choice. So have fun!

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