Savings: Here Are Simple Tips To Better Organize Your Fridge

While there are plenty of questionable cooking tips on Tik Tok, this social network can also be a powerful tool for bringing together a host of great ideas with the aim of reducing food waste. At this point, a large number of videos recommend many tips on how to properly store food in the refrigerator. The key: we save money and defend our purchasing power better.

Store food between 0° and 4°C

First reflex: choose the right refrigerator temperature to optimize the storage of your butter, yogurt and other fresh products. According to ANSES (National Food Safety Agency), the refrigerator should not be warmer than 4°C “at its coldest point”. And it pays to regularly check with a thermometer whether the environment is suitable for storing your groceries. A method that is used by many internet users.

Most members of the social network recommend betting on a temperature between 2° and 3°C instead. Indeed, at this level, ANSES confirms that this makes it possible to slow down the growth of microorganisms and bacteria such as listeria or salmonella. On his professional site where he supports restaurateurs with his advice, the great chef Philippe Etchebest recommends checking the exact temperature by immersing the thermometer in a glass of water to verify the exact data, and not that of the ambient air. . Smart!

Store food in the right place

It is still necessary to choose the right place in the refrigerator to place the products. At this point it is not easy to tell the true from the false, as there are so many differing opinions! We therefore chose to trust the Ministry of Agriculture. The coldest part is at the very top. However, depending on the refrigerator models, it may be located just above the crisper drawer. A simple glance at the side inside the device provides information by seeing a snowflake or a distinctive sign of cold. We put meat and fish in it. Ready meals, cheese and yogurt should be in the middle.

All that remains is not to forget the contents of the refrigerator… To do this, an American Internet user had the good idea to take a picture of her full refrigerator when everything is put away. And so you know what to eat throughout the week and you don’t have to buy a surplus for the next flights. We will also remember to remember to clean your refrigerator at least once a month…


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Usefulness of absorbent paper

It is an indispensable accessory to keep your food better in the fridge: the absorbent paper or the cloth (much more ecological). A large number of internet users engage their community to put a sheet in the crisper drawer to soak up moisture or mold from vegetables. They even go as far as to recommend protecting the contents of a mesclun or arugula tray with a sheet before closing the lid and then turning the package over. This trick would keep the salad longer in the fridge…


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However, be careful not to fall into the trap of overusing paper towels as this is not environmentally friendly. To be properly stored, fruits and vegetables need to breathe. Contrary to what is presented in some videos, you should not wrap the carrots in paper towels before putting them in a plastic bag. According to the Equiterre network of farmers in Quebec, you can cut off the tops and put them in a bag, provided you make holes in them beforehand. Excess moisture must be able to escape. The eggplant can be wrapped in a cotton towel. In general, vegetables… should be put in the crisper drawer!

For better preservation of fresh herbs…

Last useful tip that will delight those who are regularly disappointed by bouquets of parsley, dill or chives that have withered a few days after purchase. You can make ice cubes with fresh herbs to use as you like. Just chop them finely, put them in an ice cube tray and pour some olive oil over them before putting everything in the freezer. Discover our practical article to find out.


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