Samsung launches high-end smartphone made from recycled fishing nets

Among the components of the future Galaxy S22, Samsung announces that it has integrated a brand new material made from fishing nets collected at the bottom of the sea. This new range of smartphones will be officially unveiled on Wednesday, February 9.

The South Korean manufacturer is going to reuse discarded fishing nets for its brand new collection of high-end (long-awaited) Galaxy S22 smartphones.

Samsung has indeed developed a brand new material made from plastic straight from the oceans, essentially discarded fishing nets and perfectly recycled here. Samsung’s ultimate goal is to gradually eliminate single-use plastics in the production of its smartphones, in particular by developing new materials like this one, which are much more ecological.

According to Samsung, no less than 640,000 tons of fishing nets are thrown away and left behind every year, thus offering significant recycling potential. For the largest seller of smartphones in the world, this is a first step towards more actions aimed at improving the quality of our environment and protecting the planet.

If this initiative is a first in mobile telephony, the recycling of fishing nets already exists on a small scale in the automotive industry. Manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has therefore announced that it will integrate elements made from 100% recycled nylon Econyl, which consists mainly of waste buried or recovered at sea, including natural fishing nets, in the passenger compartments of its next models.

(ETX Daily Up)

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