Homeless people: social ties, the key to moving from exclusion to reintegration

Wondering how to help someone off the street? How to help him find or regain his place in society if he is stuck in the vicious circle of exclusion? “It’s partly due to the social bond”, answers us roof for methe association that guides homeless people to a new life.

You have undoubtedly already offered a sandwich or coffee to a homeless person. But have you ever shared it with him? This is done by volunteers from the Toit à Moi association, which has been helping the homeless for 15 years. And rightly so, if 20% of the homeless are couples, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) revealed in 2012 that the vast majority live alone.

Accustomed to being alone, social ties are therefore often an essential ingredient in the social reintegration of people in a situation of great exclusion. In any case, Toit à Moi is convinced. Whether drinking a coffee, sharing a meal, going to a concert, exercising again or even participating in a cooking workshop, it organizes all year round, group and individual activities between the volunteers of the association and the supervised people who find a place in society in this way.

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From exclusion to social reintegration

For Denis Castin, founder and general representative of the association, “It is these moments of pause and discussion that” give meaning to guidance As we told you in this article, this one can be particularly difficult depending on the person’s history and background. So, to bring a little lightness to the daily life of the guided people and help them find a “normal life”The association’s 125 volunteers make it a point of honor to create positive moments in life, to inspire human connections and, above all, to complement the support provided by social workers.

Because of this social bond, people guided by Toit à Moi will gradually feel surrounded and supported.explains Dennis. As a reference point or in the same way as a family anchor, it can give them the necessary courage to take the step towards a new life. Many people have found their smile and have embarked on the path to a new life far from the streets. In any case, this is what the Toit à Moi association allows, which sees housing as a springboard to reintegration.

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Housing as a springboard

The principle is simple: Toit à Moi buys apartments in which it receives the homeless or homeless and thus gives them the opportunity to change your life permanently† It is the method of “housing first” which we already told you here. Freed from the urgency of finding shelter, guided people find solutions quietly about their problems and devote themselves completely to working out a new life plan (work, education, etc.).

Once housed, each person benefits from:ongoing and personalized support which helps him to rebuild himself, regain confidence and restore. When she feels ready, she exits the Roof to Me system and then leaves her apartment. This person can then welcome someone else and help with his reconstruction.

Of course this would not be possible without the sponsors of the association. Thanks to them, Toit à Moi has already acquired 40 apartments and guided many people on their way to a new life. In practice, if 120 people donate € 20 per month, the association can repay the loan for an apartment of € 120,000.

So, do you want to contribute to this great human adventure? You can bid housing for a homeless person and enabling him to move from exclusion to reintegration secure the website of the association Toit à Moi

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