Rising fuel prices: how to protect against tank siphoning?

With soaring fuel prices, siphon thefts are exploding in France. So how do you protect yourself from it on a daily basis? We give you valuable advice to prevent you from tank of your car, truck or two-wheeler completely empty in the early morning.

What is tank transfer?

If road and road are the first to be affected by this crime, motorists are not immune to the unfortunate experience. As a reminder, siphoning a car, truck, motorcycle or scooter tank involves inserting a pipe into the fill hole to suck up the contents. And the bad news is that more and more kits sold online make it possible to steal fuel in the blink of an eye. But luckily there are simple solutions to arm yourself against it.

Equip your vehicle

On Twitter, the National Police Bas-Rhin recommends drivers equip their car or truck “a lockable cap and/or an anti-theft fuel system to block the way to siphons”† Indeed, older models rarely have this kind of very useful security, especially in this day and age. But that’s not all, you can also install a lighting system with presence detection to deter thieves.

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Park your vehicle in a safe place

Do you live in a home with a private garage or a home with secure parking? Don’t panic, you run less risk of your tank being siphoned! If not, here are simple tips to deter criminals: Park in a well-lit area. If possible, move your vehicle closer to the wall to limit access to the fill valve.

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Refuel at the right time

Are you going on a weekend or holiday for several days soon? To avoid unpleasant surprises when you return, do not refuel before departure. Indeed, siphoneurs and siphoneuses have a habit of prowling the streets to locate vehicles that have been parked for several days. In addition, keep in mind that school holidays are periods conducive to the transfer of theft. So be careful!

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