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Presidential 2022: L214 challenges the candidates with 5 proposals to improve the condition of the animals

Is the animal cause a subject that interests or touches you? So you are probably one of the 86% of French people who would like presidential candidates to position themselves and announce concrete measures to improve the lot of animals. At least this is what reveals the Ifop poll produced for the Brigite Bardot Foundation, last February. Certainly his observatory “Politics and Animals”L214 invites citizens to challenge the candidates with 5 proposals to improve the condition of the animals, making it central to the 2022 presidential campaign.

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There is still a large gap between political decisions and citizens’ expectations. If the condition of animals was a topic that was almost non-existent in political debate a few years ago, it is still a topic that is not very present in the current presidential campaign. However, more than one in two French people allows the candidates’ proposals in favor of animals to influence their vote.

That is why at L214 we have listed and analyzed all the candidates’ views on animals. Updated every week, our barometer is based on: 5 important obligations worn by L214 to end the worst practices and to significantly reduce the number of exploited and killed animals. Before developing them in detail, it is important to remember that this barometer should, on the one hand, give citizens access to this information, and on the other, invite them to challenge and encourage candidates to make significant commitments to reduce animal suffering .

Proposal #1. Coming out of intensive farming

According to the latest barometer “The French and animal welfare” Produced by Ifop at the request of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, 85% of French people support a ban on intensive livestock farming. In France, however, of the 1.1 billion terrestrial animals slaughtered each year, more than 850 million come from intensive farming. From birth to death, most will never have access to the outdoors.

Epidemics, deforestation for fodder crops, indebtedness of livestock farmers… Intensive farming is the cause of many ills in our society. That is why we propose to end within 10 years farms that deny animals access to the open air and thus gradually step out of intensive livestock farming.

Proposal #2. Stop industrial fishing

Several tens of billions of aquatic animals are killed in French waters every year. Between 1970 and 2012, 49% of marine populations declined. In mainland France, 86% of catches come from industrial fishing, although this represents only 30% of the fleet and 48% of jobs. By ending fishing with vessels over 12 meters in length within 10 years, we will save several billion animals every year and develop a relationship that is more respectful of the oceans and their inhabitants.

Proposal #3. Democratizing plant-based foods

While livestock is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions and 65% of deforestation in the Amazon, several billion animals (terrestrial and aquatic) are killed each year for French consumption. With an annual meat consumption of 84.5 kg per person, animal protein represents almost ⅔ of the protein intake of the French. However, there are also proteins in plant-based foods and a vegetarian menu emits 3 times less greenhouse gases than a menu with meat.

If in 5 years we halve the consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products of the French by democratizing plant-based alternatives, almost 500 million terrestrial animals and several billion aquatic animals would be spared, in favor of a positive impact on the climate. 64% of French would also be in favor of “the implementation of government policies aimed at reducing meat and fish consumption by 50% in 5 years”according to the latest YouGov study conducted for L214.

Proposal #4. Create a Ministry of Animal Condition

As more and more municipal and regional councils delegate elected officials for animal welfare and while the idea is progressing at the European Parliament level, we believe the momentum should continue at the national level, independently of the Ministry of Agriculture. And rightly so, establishing a ministry in charge of protecting animals – whether pets, animals in captivity or in the wild – would allow for consideration of the condition of the animals on cross-cutting issues such as hunting, fishing, breeding or culture.

In addition, 64% of the French would “in favor of animal protection in the title of a ministry”according to the YouGov study published in 2021. Without this government body, independent of the Ministry of Agriculture and with considerable powers, we fear that the problem of animals will never be tackled seriously.

Proposal #5. Talk to associations and citizens

Still according to the 2021 YouGov study, 69% of French think so “politicians don’t defend animals well enough”† By committing to the proposals of animal protection organizations, the candidates were able to tackle the topics that really concern the French. To this end, we call on all candidates for the presidential election to support public action for animals on the ambition of citizens and the expertise of animal protection associations.

L214 – With Samuel Airaud, Rpublic affairs officer

Do you want to know more about these proposals and? involvement in animal policy † Meeting on the website of the observatory “Politics & Animals” from L214 for challenge the candidates in the presidential elections of 2022 and Discover their views on the animal’s condition

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