Recipes, tips, thoughts: 8 vegan accounts to follow on Instagram

No, veganism isn’t just about eating plain tofu, quinoa, and green vegetables all day long. As proof: a multitude of gourmet, colorful and creative vegan content makes thousands of people salivate – not always vegans on social networks. And we owe it to those who have decided to share their passion for plant-based cuisine with as many people as possible, via Instagram (but not only). Similar to fashion, ASMR or popular science, veganism also has its references “influencers” and “influencers” which are a hit on social networks. Recipes, reflections, good addresses… We present 8 essential vegan accounts to follow to get inspired.

Marie Laforet

Marie Laforêt (namesake of the singer and actress) is THE benchmark for vegan cookbooks. Since the release of her first book “100% Vegetal and Gourmet” in 2012, this author and culinary photographer has published 21 recipe books. Only that. And to the delight of our eyes (and our taste buds), she also shares her creations on her Instagram account, where she is followed by more than 87,200 people. With her posts and photos, Marie Laforêt wants to promote gastronomic, accessible, inventive and above all inclusive vegan cuisine. She is committed to breaking the clichés about this way of life and championing ethical, local and fair food for a more responsible society.

We follow her ahead : his mouth-watering shots of dishes are original ideas that adapt to each season.

Check out her Instagram account @marielaforetvegan.

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Little Okara

Marion Lagardette, aka La Petite Okara, started her blog with one idea in mind: to open a vegan table d’hôtes with her partner. Passionate about cooking ever since she became vegan, Marion was eager to share her creations. But it is ultimately on social networks that she will find her happiness. Leaving the table d’hôte, La Petite Okara becomes a YouTube channel that now has almost 74,300 subscribers. Various content is offered there, including recipes, advice on how to live well with your veganism, or even crash tests of vegan products from supermarkets. Also present on Instagram and TikTok, Marion champions an inclusive and guilt-free vision of veganism, addressing different audiences and budgets. She has also published several cookbooks and is also involved in the LGBTQI+ cause.

We follow her for: its gastronomic and accessible recipes, its educational content and its biting humor.

Discover her Instagram account @la.petite.okara and her Youtube channel La Petite Okara.

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Alice Emerald

Alice Esmeralda is the pseudonym of the person behind the blog and Youtube channel of the same name. Alice has been vegan since 2016 and talks about nutrition, health and well-being, topics that are close to her heart and what she has focused her studies on. On YouTube, she offers videos of healthy, gourmet and accessible recipes, as well as educational content about the vegan diet. Alice can also talk about sports, fashion and mental health and does not hesitate to claim that she shops in supermarkets and that she is not “perfect”. This does not alter the fact that it is followed by more than 314,000 people on Youtube.

We follow her for: its aesthetic content, its easy recipes, its benevolent discourse.

Discover her Instagram account @aliceesmeralda and her Youtube channel Alice Esmeralda.

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Sebastian Cardinal

Sébastien Kardinal is an author and culinary consultant specializing in plant-based foods. Vegan since 2007, he shares on his various social networks his expertise, his know-how and his opinion of “unrepentant food pornist”, as he defines himself. Indeed, this content creator has a particular fondness for street food, to which he has also devoted several books. The one who comes from the world of theater and journalism also gives “reviews” of vegan addresses or vegetable brands that appeal to him – and in turn make us jealous. And if, like him, you are a fan of gourmet, rich and decadent dishes, you can find his recipes on his YouTube channel with 15,900 subscribers. Consume without measure.

We follow him ahead : his restaurant or product reviews, his street food expertise, his unparalleled charisma.

Discover his Instagram account @sebastien_kardinal and his YouTube channel.

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Lloyd Lang

Lloyd Lang comes from restaurateur parents and has loved cooking since childhood. This vegan influencer has two YouTube channels, one in French and one in Spanish, where she shares delicious recipes inspired by her childhood. She lived with her family in Mexico for almost 11 years and also spent some time in Guadelope and Argentina. His videos regularly offer to reproduce Latin American specialties in a vegetable version, to the delight of our taste buds. Today, Lloyd Lang is a reference for veganism on YouTube, where she has nearly 218,000 subscribers (on her French channel).

We follow her ahead : his “cooking around the world” videos, his travel photos, his original recipes.

Discover his Instagram account @lloydlng and his Youtube channel Lloyd Lang.

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Culinary photographer and content creator, Déliacious makes us salivate with every published photo. This cooking enthusiast first shared her recipes on her blog of the same name, founded in 2014, before taking to Instagram to share photos of her gourmet dishes. Because although a supporter of veganism, Déliacious confirms it: she likes “fat and gluttony” and wants to show that this way of life is not necessary “a boring thing for chia seed and kale addicts”she writes on her blog. Déliacious not only enthuses us with his cinnamon rolls and other vegan reproductions of our favorite dishes, but also takes the pen to convey his thoughts during poetic and introspective posts. Frank and funny, she also likes to share her “failures” with her subscribers and shows a lot of self-mockery in her content. And it feels good.

We follow her ahead : his gastronomic and regressive cuisine, his “reflections” posts, his always slick photos.

Check out her @deliaciouss Instagram account.

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Vegan Tourist Paris

Franck, aka Vegan Tourist Paris, gradually became vegan in 2018. When this skilled architect set foot in the world of vegetable cooking, he was pleasantly surprised by its richness and wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Thus was born the first menu of vegan restaurants in Paris, the Vegan Restaurant Guide Paris† This first example met with unexpected success, prompting the 26-year-old to release an updated version every year. The latest edition is distributed free of charge at various collection locations in Paris. At the same time, Franck shares thematic lists of vegan addresses and restaurant reviews on his Instagram account. As you will have understood, he is THE person to follow on the networks if you are looking for discoveries and good Parisian vegan restaurants.

We follow him ahead : its good addresses, its reviews of vegan products, its communicative zest for life.

Discover his Instagram account @vegantouristparis.

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Accidentally vegan

Few people have ever seen Camille Leu’s face and yet she is the heroine of thousands of vegans. His Instagram account “Accidentally Vegan” is followed by more than 41,600 people and it is full of little treasures. Indeed, Camille Leu lists all the vegan products available in France, in supermarkets. Objective: to make veganism accessible to everyone and to ease the transition to this way of life. To do this, the content creator maintains the ingredient lists of a multitude of products and, in case of doubt, contacts the brands directly to get a complete answer to the compositions. This monster work has made Camille Leu one of the leading actresses of veganism in France and as proof, she was even a jury for the Plant Food Trophies in 2021.

We follow her for: all her tips, her meticulous work, her talents as a detective.

Check out her Instagram account @accidentellementvegan

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By following these eight accounts, you will never run out of inspiration to cook vegan dishes again… And you can also have a good laugh at all the prejudices that are circulating about this way of life and that, it feels good

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