Reception of the disabled at the airport: the tirade of the sportswoman Pauline Déroulède

Tennis champion Pauline Déroulède wore a prosthetic leg and ranted on LinkedIn after suffering “the ignorance and indifference of the staff who don’t know the invisible handicap.” Explanation.

A necessary rant. In a LinkedIn post titled “The ‘invisible’ handicap at the airport,” tennis player Pauline Déroulède took the time to express her grief “Faced with the ignorance and indifference of the staff who know nothing about the invisible disability. †

Flying to France is no easy feat for the tennis champion. It is even “a test”, she writes before talking about her last accident that took place the day before the publication of her text, Friday 11 February.

Unable to double queue

If the player wears a prosthesis, she explains that she “raises systematically” [son] pants when entering the airport” to avoid “the slightest reaction”. Problem, it is difficult to do anything in light of the lack of empathy of certain agents who, in the words of Pauline Déroulède, would have refused the row to double. “Yes, I’m lucky that I’m not in a wheelchair, but long walking and stairs with a prosthesis is also tiring…”she explains before adding: “I don’t think I’m disrespecting anyone if I ask to double the line. †

The champion then explains that she made the choice “do not enlist help to depend on a staff and maintain a minimum of autonomy”† She then criticizes the lack of flexibility of such a system: “It’s all or nothing in France; either you take the help or you act like everyone else. †

Pauline Déroulède ends her diatribe by inviting Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, Groupe ADP and Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State, to the Prime Minister, in charge of the disabled, to discuss this topic.

Nearly 10,000 people responded to this plea for more attention to disabilities.

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