Adidas celebrates diversity in a new campaign with proudly 25 pairs of breasts

For its new marketing campaign, the famous brand has decided to tackle beauty standards and celebrate the diversity of bodies and breasts.

Breasts are still censored on social networks, but Adidas decided to hit hard with a marketing campaign announcing the launch of its new collection of products suitable for all body types. Indeed, the sports brand has published 25 women’s breasts on its social networks on February 9, accompanied by this caption:

“We believe that women’s breasts of all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort. That’s why our new range of sports bras includes 43 styles, so everyone can find one that suits them. †


A censored campaign on Instagram

As reported CreapillsAccording to a study by Adidas, about 9 out of 10 women would wear the wrong size sports bra. “In sport, everyone should feel free and inspired by what their body can achieve. But women’s needs have historically been neglected when it comes to activewear designed to support the female form.”the brand said in a statement.

To enable athletes to practice their favorite activity in the best conditions, Adidas has revised its product range. Results: 43 types of sports bras are now on sale.

In addition to celebrating the diversity of bodies, Adidas released a promotional video on February 11 showing women of all origins and shapes engaging in a sporting activity.

On Instagram, however, the brand had to censor the nipples of models who posed for the brand. In question ? The social network algorithm is particularly sensitive to this part of the body.

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The road is still long.

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