PYT Audio: a French acoustic solution, recycled and recyclable

How do you limit your ecological impact as a musician, technician or sound engineer? That is the question that Dany Gaborieau and Thibault Mercier, two music lovers, asked themselves. Unable to find a responsible alternative to traditional sound processing products, they decided to create PYT Audio, a brand of acoustic solutions made from honeycomb cardboard, wadding and sheep wool. The little extra? Their products can be adapted to your interior. Light on this innovative and 100% French project!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a young entrepreneur of 28 years old. I made PYT-Audio with my partner Thibault at the end of my studies, almost 4 years ago. We offer acoustic studies and products to combat noise. Our story began in 2018. music loverswe could not find an area where acoustics predominate ecological products on the market. So we decided to find one solution to this problem. My partner has a technical profile (acoustics) and I have a marketing and sales developer profile.

Photo: PYT Audio – Dany Gaborieau and Thibault Mercier

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure and how was PYT Audio born?

Climate change and all the problems it brings are things that affect me personally. It seemed clear to me to act.

However, as explained, we could not find ecological acoustic products on the market and we wanted to fill this gap. However, we were aware that we also had to consider the decorative side of our solutions. So we looked at what was possible with it local, recycled and recyclable materials as often as possible.

We decided to start with a structure based on: honeycomb cardboard, cotton wool and sheep wool. This allows us to have a product at all French, recycled and recyclable. However, being in a standardized market, we had to ensure the acoustic performance of our products and their fire resistance.

After meeting the Pays de la Loire region, who really appreciated our project, we got a innovation fair. In addition, we applied for a bank loan, applied for an honorary loan and won a business competition. With these amounts we were able to start the production and marketing of our products.

Due to our unique ingenuity in the market, a patent has been obtained for our MUTUM range. Finally, our approach has had the opportunity to win numerous awards and labels (Remarkable Initiative, Eco-Challenges, Sower of innovation, etc.).

Photo: PYT Audio

What message do you want to convey via PYT Audio?

Many French industries have decided to move their production abroad. This is not without consequence. Consumers are increasingly aware of this and are looking for solutions, even if that means paying a little more. We therefore prove that it is possible to: appreciate the French know-how while profitable.

Likewise, we are personal very proud of our commitment and get a lot of satisfaction from it. I think the question of meaning at work is the great question of our time. I am even convinced of that, hence my action.

friends musicians and sound loversand if you choose a ecological and French acoustic solution ? Visit the PYT Audio website, the acoustic channel expert, to discover the different innovative and decorative branded products.

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