Materials, colours, accessories: which clothes to choose during the heat wave?

A very hot wave is coming over France, with temperatures expected to approach 40°C. During these increasingly frequent episodes, it’s hard to know what to wear to avoid discomfort caused by suffocating heat. Materials, colours, accessories… Here are the golden rules for combining style and comfort despite the heat wave.

Linen and hemp, the basics

The choice of materials is of course essential to tackle every season, and especially during periods of cold and warm weather. Exit materials that cling to the skin, reveal unwanted halos or promote perspiration, like many synthetics, give way to naturally breathable, absorbent and odor-resistant textiles (yes, they exist), such as linen and hemp. They prove to be real allies during the summer period thanks to their thermoregulatory properties, which dissipate body heat throughout the day. As the icing on the cake, these two plant-based and natural materials also absorb moisture, avoiding disappointment associated with perspiration.

Less known for its breathability, cotton is also a material to deal with during those blistering times. Bet on the lighter variants, such as veil or muslin, which will allow you to approach this heat wave episode without fearing the slightest disappointment. In addition to the other materials that allow you to brave the heat in style, Tencel, obtained from the cellulose of certain trees such as eucalyptus or bamboo, will do the job perfectly.

Priority for white and yellow

The darkest colors should be avoided in strong heat waves, as they tend to absorb the sun’s rays and thereby increase the heat experience. It is strongly advised to go for white clothes, especially for tops, but (don’t worry!) This is not the only option.

In a 2020 study, a team of Japanese scientists exposed to the sun — at an estimated temperature of 30 degrees — nine torsos of models dressed in polo shirts of different colors to determine which ones are preferred in the event of a heat wave. White clearly came out on top, but the research showed that yellow, gray, red and even purple could do just fine during such heat waves.

Pastels also seem like a good alternative, as they don’t absorb the rays and you can afford certain clothing fantasies that white doesn’t allow. As for the lovers of black – there are many – the day will undoubtedly be longer (and hotter), so to reduce the feeling of discomfort, bet especially on loose and light clothes.

Accessories galore!

Who says warmth, says search for comfort. As a result, men and women tend to wear timeless clothes, and thus more classic – and much less fun – outfits. To bring a touch of fantasy it is recommended to bet – without moderation – on accessories – be it an accumulation of jewellery, sunglasses, a hat – the bucket hat remains a safe bet this summer – or a more eccentric handbag. raffia is unanimous this season. Some have the merit of not only giving you style, they also protect you from the sun’s rays.

(ETX Daily Up)

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