Presidential: Orelsan’s Explosive Words “The Smell of Gasoline” Reflect the News

Since this Sunday April 24th The smell of gasoline d’Orelsan resonates in the minds of many French people. And rightly so, in this snappy piece released in November 2021, the artist envisions what the 2022 presidential election could look like. And the least we can say is that his predictions weren’t that far from reality.

58.5% for Emmanuel Macron, 41.5% for Marine Le Pen. Here are the results of the second round of the presidential election. The abstention rate is 28% (ie 13.6 million citizens), a record since 1969. In addition, 2 million blank votes and 790,000 invalid votes. According to Ewdy Plenel, director of media partthese results show that almost two in three French women and men did not vote for Emmanuel Macron.

A few months ago, Orelsan had somewhat predicted these results in his political song with explosive lyrics, The smell of gasoline† And it hasn’t escaped the attention of internet users who have kept repeating the rapper’s punch line since this Sunday night, as evidenced by these few tweets:

Excerpts from The smell of gasoline

“Generation Z because the last
It is clear to see that we did not know the war
All old people vote, they will choose our future
Grandma votes for Marine, she has three years to live
Fascist, Pseudo-Subversive YouTubers
This is what we get when we censor artists
Nothing ever moves forward, many are radicalized
For lack of fathers they get lost in nostalgia
From a time when others were already nostalgic
From a time when others were already nostalgic
From a time when others were already nostalgic
From a time when, uh

Damn, the sheep just want a charismatic leader
No empathy, everything is hierarchical
School only teaches you individualism
We teach you how to make money, not friends
If the president wins half of the votes
It’s that two-thirds of France didn’t want it
You don’t need to know what the Senate is
To see the old rich make the laws, uh
Nobody likes the rich until they become
Then they either store their money or become afraid of losing it
So many fucking jobs, pretend you do
How many jobs are there just to please our bosses?

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