“POSITIVR” launches “VégéGood”, the plant-based food media

POSITIVE just gave birth to her first child. Her name ? Vegetarian, a new media devoted exclusively to plant-based foods and news about veganism. With what ambition? What purpose? We explain everything to you.

The future of humanity largely depends on what we eat today. It’s very simple, food is at the heart of all the big problems of the moment. Climate, ecology, health, north-south solidarity, deforestation, purchasing power, animal welfare and even pandemics: it is impossible to take an interest in these questions without looking at the contents of our boards. However, we now know that consumption of meat and other livestock products is a problem in all these areas.

The solution ? Prioritize plant foods. Because it consumes less farmland, because it conserves our natural resources, because it meets most of our physiological needs, because it saves us from many diseases and because it respects animal life.

However, to start eating plant-based without making mistakes or giving up the pleasure of good food, you still need to make the right choices, know the right products, the right recipes and the best tips. And that’s true Vegetarian intervenes.

Supported by committed partners (L214, Land&Monkeys, myfood) and led by a team of independent journalists, Vegetarian is full of wise advice and deciphers the news about veganism and veganism for you. Our ambition? Promote healthy, fun, friendly and tasty food, accessible to all, with respect for animal welfare and compatible with preserving living conditions on Earth.

Are you vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian? Have you already made the decision or are you thinking about the topic? So come and satisfy your curiosity and find answers to your questions by discovering our practical advice, our recipes, our tips, our decodings and our interviews with experts.

Vegetarian Good? The medium that puts plant-based foods at the center of your daily life… and in the middle of your plate.

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