“Plant Moms”: Tips for Greening Our Homes Flourish on TikTok

They thrive on TikTok and define themselves as plant mothers† Behind this hashtag is a community of people who care for their plants as if they were their children. A trend that seems especially visible among millennials and Gen Z.

889.2 million: This is the number of views associated with the hashtag #PlantMoms on TikTok. Some publications associated with this hashtag show great titles: “How do you grow a pet in chia?”“Plants for Negligent Parents”and so forth.

Personified terms that illustrate the tendency to treat plants as true companionssuch as a pet or even a child. This is exactly the spirit of the “Plant Moms” who consider this activity a real way of life.

A trend mainly driven by millennials and “Gen Z”, populations that are over-represented on the famous Chinese social network. This craze for adopting plants has increased during confinement, periods when many people who need nature have taken advantage of making their homes greener.

So much so that internet users divide plants into subcategories depending on the way of life or the personality of their “parents”† For example, it is not uncommon to encounter terms such as: “travelling plant parents”“travelling plant parents”) True “first plant parents”“beginning plant parents”

If loving your plants is far from new (the expression “adopt a plant” introduced into everyday language long ago), this trend nevertheless reflects a certainly enthusiasm for gardening in these younger generations

Contrary to common usage of the term “mothers”“mothers” in French) may suggest that these plant lovers are not just women. This is also why some people prefer to define themselves as: “Plant Parents”be it cisgender or non-binary.

Either way, these TikTok accounts are real gold mines for those looking to learn how to garden or hone their green thumb. Indeed, there are many tutorials, for example to learn how to make unexpected supports for your plants, maintain your vegetable garden, water your seedlings or even make your own terrarium.

(ETX Daily Up)

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