Le Slibard: a committed underwear brand that doesn’t just protect your butt

What if your boxers not only protect your butt, but also contribute to the? preserving biodiversity? Two years ago, Gauthier Lagae & Guillaume created the Jamblinne Slibard, a brand of dedicated and unusual underwear. Their credo? Offering soft, durable and original pieces, some of which pay tribute to endangered species. Designed from Tencel, an ecological material made from beech wood pulp, this underwear also contributes to the restoration of forests. And yes ! For every pair of underwear sold, the two founders finance the purchase of one square meter of land by the Natagora association. Discovery

That are you and what do you do

I am Gauthier, founder of Slibard. 31 years. Youngest in a family of 4 boys. I worked in consultancy for a few years before embarking on this entrepreneurial adventure of slow fashion textiles. Tired of collecting my brothers’ old panties, I decided to launch my own brand of boxers 😋!

Can you introduce us? the slipper

De Slibard was born two years ago. We launched this brand of underwear for men and women. Today we specialize in one product: the boxer model for men. The aim is to create an original range of boxers (and ecologically responsible of course) at a price that defies the laws of sustainable production… Not easy! For every boxer sold, we buy a square meter of forest through an association to preserve biodiversity at our level.

Why did you decide to start? in this adventure?

That is a passion since childhood (laughs)† No, in real life I wanted to offer something that doesn’t sell second hand. I also wanted to create my e-shop after my experience in the digital environment. The boxer shorts were the ideal product because they do not fit in the store and there is little return.

Photo: © Le Slibard

What message do you want to pass on your action?

With exceptions, boxer shorts are the first piece of clothing you put on in the morning before you start your day. Putting on your Slibard in the morning is the sweet daily reminder that every small action has its impact

Ultimately, we want to find a way to have an even greater positive impact than what we have now. The Slibarder community could participate in this positive impact in a more tangible way. The idea we had will be revealed to you soon, so stay tuned!

Photo: © Le Slibard

You are looking for original and durable underwear † We have what you need! Visit the Slibard website for: discover the different models of underpants and boxers committed to biodiversity

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