Planned obsolescence: Kippit launches washing machine with a 5-year warranty, repairable for life

With the latest publications and warnings from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Group of Climate Change Experts), the impacts of climate change are no longer a secret. Companies, pundits and pundits are constantly repeating it, have a duty to act on their scale to reverse the trend. Combating planned obsolescence can be part of the actions to be taken. Objective: avoid overproduction, use of rare metals or even reduce the ecological footprint of household production and consumption.

Kippit has chosen this path and has announced that it wants to launch a washing machine made in France, with a 5 year warranty and above all a lifetime repair, we can read the echoes† This promise is made possible by the replacement of the main electronic board with five fully repairable boards. “We offer a five-year warranty and lifetime repair options”assures Jacques Ravinet, co-founder of the company Toulouse, together with Kareen Maya Levy.

60% French pieces

Kippit, founded in 2015, is preparing various fundraising campaigns for this. In particular, it aims at 3 to 5 million euros to be able to build its washing machine assembly plant in Ariège by 2024 and to start development of the device. “The number of washing programs has been deliberately reduced, but all consumer wishes are met”, we can read on the brand’s website. 60% of the pieces will be French, the information site specifies. “It is difficult to produce in France because there are parts that can only be found in China”justifies Jacques Ravinet.

The washing machine, which should cost about 1,000 euros each, is not the first household appliance that the company offers. Kippit has already caused a stir with its multi-function stainless steel kettle, selling for $234. Guaranteed for 5 years, it is also repairable for life. Next project in the same vein: a versatile toaster, which should start marketing next year.

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