PIDZ, the first 100% vegan American pizza brand, lands in Paris

Message to pizza fans. The start-up Not So Dark has just launched its first brand of 100% plant-based American pizza, called PIDZ, in Paris. The menu features 7 signature pizzas including “L’Orientale”, “La Montagnarde” and “La Touriste”, all made with vegan alternatives to meat and cheese. Pizzas are sold between 7.50 euros and 12.50 euros via the applications UberEats, Deliveroo and Eatic.

They are available for delivery or take away at 13 Place de Rungis, in Paris (13th). Since PIDZ is a “virtual” brand, the products are designed by the restaurant team at this address. Nearly 400 pizzas were said to have passed during the brand’s launch, which took place on Wednesday, February 16. For the occasion, a person dressed as Ninja Turtle came to welcome customers at Place de Rungis. Because if you didn’t already know, pizzas are the favorite dish of the famous turtles. And you, would you rather have pineapple, faux-mage, or ground beef on your pizza?

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