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More and more young people refuse to fly “for fun”

Less air travel, more time there and less mass tourism. These are the new travel practices among 18-34-year-olds, according to a survey by Greenpeace and ObSoCo. According to this new survey, 53% of young people believe that the “ideal holiday” takes place in France or in a neighboring country.

As evidenced by the success of the flight shaming movement, these modes of travel are less linked to the desire to try new experiences than to the desire to respond to the climate emergency. According to the survey, 53% of young people say they don’t want to fly just for fun. A third say they use it more than once a year.

This choice would be inextricably linked to the ecological commitment of young people, without necessarily being synonymous with sacrifice. Seven out of ten respondents are of the opinion not “you don’t have to fly to be out of your element” and 88% believe so “Possible to have a good holiday”without having to get up in the air. A view also shared by 63% who are used to traveling by plane.

A population ‘very concerned’ about climate issues

In addition to transport, young people prefer practices related to “slow travel”, especially traveling less far (59%) or slower (61%). In fact, the idea of ​​leaving less often, even if it means staying longer, is preferred by three in four young people, including those who fly regularly.

“If the plane remains a popular mode of transport because it can escape to distant destinations, this study highlights broad support for the need to reduce leisure flights, in a context of climate emergency”comment the authors of the report.

Being “very concerned” about the health of the planet, 76% of young people surveyed say they are also ready to make significant or radical changes to their lifestyle. A concern that is illustrated in the mode of travel, but also in the mode of daily transport (79%), food (87%) or energy consumption (92%).

Online survey conducted by ObSoCo from December 17 to 29, 2021 among a sample of 1,200 people representative of the population of metropolitan France aged 18 to 34

(ETX Daily Up)

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