Parenting an only child is not a crime. The welcome tirade of Nora Hamzawi

Nora Hamzawi is the mother of a little boy. Like 18 to 20% of families in France, the comedian and his companion are under the pressure of the only child. A social pressure that affects a large number of parents who have made the choice whether or not to have a single child. Today the artist is pushing a welcome diatribe.

“When is the second child?”. Here’s a question Nora Hamzawi is constantly confronted with, right down to her gynecology practice. Because if childless people in their thirties are largely subject to the pressure of the biological clock, many parents are in turn confronted with the pressure of

only have one.

Annoyed, says the actress and humorist, on France Inter how the people around her feel compelled to push her and her partner to have a second baby without considering their decision. Goal ? Dislike the social pressure that exists around the number of children in France.

Look :


“There is a taboo around women who don’t want children, we know that, but there is also a taboo around women who only have one, that’s called the child taboo. Unique. When people look at you and say, ‘Isn’t he asking for a little brother or a sister? When do you start the second? You won’t leave him alone’, (as if you didn’t exist and you left him on the steps of a church).

“But even the term ‘only child’ has become pejorative. It’s downright insulting. Just as we say ‘narcissistic pervert’ not to say ‘bastard’, we say ‘only child’ not to say ‘dirty selfish person who only thinks of himself.”

“Recently my friend’s mother said to me, ‘when are you going to give me a second one?’ No, but frankly “you make me one”… This expression is disgusting! We have him delivered an interflora bouquet, we will not give him a grandson! How awful!

Everything is said in a few words.

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