“Not everyone is lucky enough to be vegan”: the practical guide for vegan novices

Where to find the right proteins, how to vary the diet… so many questions you certainly asked yourself when learning about veganism. To give you some good dietetics basics, to help you easily create delicious recipes and most importantly to disprove certain preconceived notions about this diet, Laurence Pieau has written the book Not everyone is lucky enough to be vegan. A practical and peaceful guide, guaranteed without guilt or moralizing statements. The founder ofAlternative V, media that provides many resources and training on plant foods, tells us more. Discovery!

Who are you and what is your background?

My name is Laurence Piau and I am a journalist and media founder Alternative V. After a long career in the press that led me to work at Figaro Magazine, to launch and direct several magazines for the general public (Public, Closer, TéléStar, TéléPoche, etc.), I decided to create my own media devoted to plant foods.

Why did you write? Not everyone is lucky enough to be vegan ?

to explain benefits of plant foods explain to as many people as possible (especially health gain), without feeling guilty, without imposing anything, without saying: “We have the right / we have no right to eat this or that food.” We do what we want, what we can!

Through my own transition, I wanted to show that it is not that complicated to stop consuming animal products and tell how this diet can be improved with the help of studies and interviews with scientists. beneficial for health. That is why the book was preceded by Dr. Jérôme Bernard-Pellet, THE reference doctor in France in the field of plant foods.

It is no more and no less than a return to a common sense diet, which we have lost by consuming ultra-processed products and forgetting which fruits and vegetables are in season. In terms of food, I started from very far. I was very ignorant of the subject, I was one of those people who thought that tomatoes grow all year round…

Photo: Laurene Pieau

Can you tell us more about this practical guide ?

It is aimed at the greatest number, it is a popularization work which gives great basics of nutritionTo explain where to find vegetable proteins? and the different nutrients, yields some benefits easy recipes that absolutely anyone can do and dismantles received ideas like the fact that vegans always eat the same thing. I have never eaten as varied as since I started eating plant-based!

A quick word about alternative V?

Alternative Vit is mainly a free weekly newsletter that disseminates the most reliable information about plant foods. For this I rely on many studies and surveys but also to the greatest experts in the field in France, such as doctor Jérôme Bernard-Pellet or researcher Hervé Berbille in the field of soy. So we send every Saturdaynewsletter distribution days, educational content.

What message do you want to convey with Alternative V and your book?

It’s good to be informed, but then you have to be trained, learn two or three things that will help you adopt a balanced plant-based diet that is primarily a eating fun ! We have a practical approach for those who want to go further and adopt daily dietary habits by offering them video support programs, again with experts.

Beyond the animal cruelty what is unbearable, it is especially urgent for us to change our eating habits: did you know that red meat is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as “probably carcinogenic” and processed meats as “carcinogenic”?

Plant-based foods can have a positive impact in many areas: our health, our environment, animal suffering… We can sum it up like this: by changing just one thing, we can change everything.

Want to know more about veganism? Visit .’s websiteAlternative V register for the free newsletter and to dedicated training to the vegetable kitchen (especially the masterclass “Parcours V: 100% vegetable cooking every day” and the masterclass “cooking with seaweed”). And for the . to discover practical and calm manual from Laurence Piauit’s this way!

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