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Mushrooms: how to grow oyster mushrooms at home? 6 tips for a rich harvest.

In risotto, in an omelet or in a pancake, mushrooms are an indispensable ally of many dishes. Did you know that you can also grow it at home? For this you need some equipment, a healthy and clean environment and mycelium, an essential ingredient for growing your own mushrooms at home.

Growing mushrooms at home is within everyone’s reach, especially oyster mushrooms, which are generally relied upon by those new to the field. To grow them and then cook them, stir-fry them with pasta or in omelets, there are different techniques, but the steps often remain the same. How to go further ? Here are some tips to follow.

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Make sure you are well equipped

Before you start growing oyster mushrooms headlong, you need some equipment. If some people grow their mushrooms in plastic bags, we recommend that you bet on a bucket, which you have previously drilled into the sides and bottom. Be sure to choose a bucket that has not been in contact with chemicals, the diameter of which does not exceed 35 centimeters, and do not forget about the lid, which will be very convenient for you later. Thanks to this method, you can reuse the same propagator in the cultivation and avoid plastic waste. Of course, you also need mycelium (seeds) from oyster mushrooms, which you can find in specialized stores or buy on the Internet.

Choose an effective substrate

The substrate will allow the colonization of the mycelium. Oyster mushrooms adapt to different types of substrate. For starters, you can start with straw (organic if possible) which you then chop with a grinder or simply with scissors.

But other substrates are also possible, such as wood chips, coffee grounds or casing soil. It is up to you to see which substrate is most accessible and easy to handle for you.

Cleaning tools, hands and surface

To avoid contamination of the mushroom mycelium, thoroughly clean your tools and work surface with alcohol. Also wash your hands with soap before handling the mycelium. And don’t forget to clean the surface. To do this, simply put your substrate in a clean bucket (not punctured!) and add boiling water. Close the lid tightly and let it sit for 24 hours.

Mix the mycelium with the substrate

Once your substrate is free of contaminants, you can mix it into the substrate. Nothing could be simpler: place a layer of substrate in the previously drilled seal, then a layer of mycelium and so on. Squeeze to avoid excess water.

Some grow their oyster mushrooms in plastic bags. Photo: Shutterstock

Store your crop in a damp place away from direct sunlight

All you need to do is install your bucket in a suitable place. The mycelium colonizes the substrate and after a few weeks oyster mushrooms will appear through the holes drilled in your bucket.

Harvest oyster mushrooms at the right time

Be careful not to leave the oyster mushrooms for too long, otherwise you risk losing their beautiful color and firmness. You just need to find good recipes to cook them.

In order not to miss any step of growing oyster mushrooms, refer to the YouTube channel “Growing mushrooms”:

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