Heat wave: how to cool down without air conditioning?

Close the shutters, ventilate, grow green plants… There are plenty of tips for coping with heat waves. Here are three, from the most natural to the most unusual, for conquering the heat without air conditioning.

A new heat wave is announced this week by Météo France for much of the country. Specialists even speak of a heat wave, with temperatures above 35° during the day and minimums around 20° at night.

To acclimate to this high heat without using air conditioning, here are some natural and simple tips.

Ventilate the night, divide the day into compartments

These first steps are essential. The ba-ba to keep freshness in summer. They come from a time when air conditioning was not about global warming, it was about money. They were passed on as an inheritance from the wisest of us: our grandmothers.

First close the windows and shutters to the maximum and then pull the blinds in. You avoid bringing in the heat and keep the freshness in. For greater efficiency, both in the morning and in the evening (and if possible at night), ventilate to refresh the air. As you wait for the sun to rise or set, the weather will become milder and more pleasant. You benefit from this in your interior.

Eat cold and look for green

Let’s assume you’ve taken these first steps from Grandma, but it’s still too hot.

If you have a garden, it’s time to stock up on plants that can provide what you’re looking for. The best are the ones that climb. Your choice: passion flower or Virginia creeper. The list is not exhaustive. Green plants can also be of great help in lowering the temperature in your interior. Are you in doubt? Choose a ficus elastica or a sansevieriavery easy !

In addition, hydrate yourself and especially during heat waves. Your body needs water, so consume it in all its forms: to drink (at least 2 liters a day in hot weather), to place on your forehead or on your pulse points.

Prefer cold meals, such as vegetable salads, and consume sorbet or smoothie.

sleeping completely naked

Cool isn’t it? Not so much. The idea is to moisten the body and fall asleep naked to take advantage of the draft created by opening the windows that caress the skin.

(ETX Daily Up)

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