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Mother’s Day: 10 Creative Ideas to Say “I Love You Mom” ​​in Origami

The month of May is already in full swing and Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Indeed, if you ever remember, Mother’s Day 2022 is this Sunday, May 29. So to give you some ideas of fun surprises you can make for Madame with your kids, we’ve come up with this selection of origami for Mother’s Day. Good discovery!

Are you looking for creative ideas to make small gifts with your children to spoil Madame on the occasion of Mother’s Day approaching? These different models have been selected for their symbolism, in particular linked to love or wishes for good health and happiness. These are beautiful gifts to make and then offer. There is no doubt that these folds will brighten Madame’s awakening on May 29.

To present an origami is to offer a small gift that you, or your children, have taken the time to make with your own hands. It’s a cute gift that doesn’t come with any special costs (unless you want to buy origami paper) and is accessible to everyone. Here is the selection made with the YouTube channel Laetitutos, dedicated to origami.

#1 An origami rose

The rose is by far the favorite flower of French women and men. It is not considered the queen of flowers for nothing. This easy to fold origami in rose shape is suitable for young and old.

#2 An origami crane (or 1,000 cranes!)

The crane is the international symbol of origami. But it is also a symbol of peace that makes it possible to wish those to whom it is offered good health, happiness, love and longevity. This is the legend of the 1000 cranes. A special gift for Mother’s Day.

#3 A tulip (very easy) to make with the kids

Here’s another flower that we particularly appreciate. It is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and love. And this very simple origami is a perfect activity to do with your kids if you want to introduce them to origami.

#4 A small foldable heart-shaped box

Do you want to send a sweet note to your mother and are you looking for an original box for your message? Then this origami of a small folding box in the shape of a heart is for you! We know one that will be surprised… 🥰

#5 An origami lily flower

Here’s another spring fold to offer Madame. This is the lily flower! A slightly more complex fold that won’t necessarily be suitable for the little ones. Yet the result is magnificent.

#6 A bookmark with a heart

The lady likes good books and good reading (preferably by the fireplace when the children are in bed)? So here’s the origami he needs. With this folding you can make a paper bookmark with a beautiful heart.

#7 A beautiful pigeon

The dove is a symbol of peace and love. With this fold you can make a beautiful origami dove to offer on the occasion of this Mother’s Day or to decorate the table.

#8 A heart to say “I love you mommy”

As for the symbols of love, the heart is clearly king! And it will enable you, as well as your children, to send a beautiful message full of tenderness to Madame. So to bend your 10 nimble fingers, offer a lot of hearts!

#9 A beautiful swan

Here’s another bird origami with multiple symbols! Indeed, the swan symbolizes love and fidelity. This origami is also particularly suitable for children and beginners. This is an origami that takes a little longer to make, but the result is worth the detour.

#10 Cherry Blossoms

Are you looking for a nice folding idea to decorate the table for Mother’s Day or to bring other creative ideas to life (a beautiful garland or an origami flower arrangement)? Here’s the cherry blossom folding. Another easy fold to make with kids!

There you go ! We hope this selection will inspire you and give you creative ideas for small origami gifts to give to Madame.

If you like origami, go to Laetitutos’ YouTube channel and subscribe. Every week you will discover new tutorials for young and old to introduce you to this ancient art of paper folding!

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