More social and inclusive: the SOS group and Impact France aim to transform entrepreneurship

To help social enterprises scale up, Groupe SOS and de Mouvement Impact France have launched a two-year action plan.

The future of entrepreneurship must be more social and inclusive. That is in any case the view of Groupe SOS, which is launching a national action plan with Mouvement Impact France (the network of companies with social and environmental impact). This action plan is funded by and supported by PULSE (the SOS Group’s impact entrepreneurship support association). It will be deployed in two years and its missions are multiple:

  • making entrepreneurship support programs more accessible
  • promoting entrepreneurship as a lever for professional integration
  • increasing the impact of social enterprises whose mission is to reduce inequalities

Representing minorities and accelerating business development

PULSE also wishes through this national action plan increase the representation of audiences from different backgrounds in the French social entrepreneurship ecosystem”, we can read in a press release from the association. Among these target groups we find mainly women with a modest background, refugees and job seekers. – in particular those interested in professional retraining.

For its part, Mouvement Impact France is particularly interested in scaling up social enterprises committed to inclusion. How? ‘Or what? By launching a program drawn up with all the networks and players in the field. Structured in two actions, makes it one ” trail acceleration to support the change of scale and increase the impact of social enterprises committed to these disadvantaged populations” and the distribution of a ” briefcase pedagogical “ targeting all entrepreneurial support actors and actresses to replicate this same journey.

This comprehensive action plan was funded by for an amount of 2 million eurosthe philanthropic arm of the American multinational.

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