Morbihan: a woman leaves more than a million euros to an animal protection association

Even death would not have been good about this activist’s commitment to the animal cause. Joëlle Poisson has indeed decided to leave all her fortune to associations. The benefactor from Morbihan has left the equivalent of more than a million euros to the Stéphane Lamart association, which defends abused and abandoned animals.

During her lifetime, de Breton had already opened the doors of her property in Guidel (Morbihan) to a dozen donkeys seized for mistreatment. In her small animal paradise, the deceased, who disappeared on May 5, said she wanted to see an animal shelter.

In her will, Joëlle Poisson decided to leave her 3.5 ha property, her two life insurance policies and the sums in her bank accounts to the association located in Boissy-Saint-Léger in the Val-de-Marne. A very generous donation representing more than a million euros in total. Enough to allow the association to quietly continue its animal protection activities.

A gift from heaven

“It was indeed the wish of Joëlle Poisson and her husband Bernard to stay by our side and also work after their lives to participate in animal protection”explains Stéphane Lamart, founder of the association Parisian.

His beautiful house must therefore be transformed into an animal shelter according to his last wishes, says the president of the association.

“It is a beautiful 230 m² farm with plenty of space, as well as a pond for geese and ducks, but our association will also be able to accommodate farm animals, cats, dogs… place is a real godsend for the association. Of course we intend to honor the wish and memory of Joëlle Poisson, our late benefactor and friend.”

A very nice gesture that she accompanied with a further donation of 140,000 euros for the benefit of the “Little sisters of the poor” of Rennes, an association that works against the isolation of the elderly.

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