‘Modern Family’ Actress Launches ‘Quitters’, Podcast About Those Who Left Everything Behind

Do you want to change your life completely? Julie Bowen, one of the actresses of the cult series “Modern Family,” will co-host a podcast about those who took the plunge. The program, called “Quitters”, will follow the journey of people who have decided to leave everything behind to start from scratch. Goal: To show that giving up is not necessarily synonymous with failure. Stay, we explain!

Leave everything behind to start all over again. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, this idea has occurred to millions of Americans. A reality that even led to a record number of layoffs in the United States in 2021. Julie Bowen, who you probably know from her role as Claire Dunphy in the “Modern Family” series, has decided to tackle this phenomenon in a podcast. It is with writer Chad Sanders that the duo will launch “Quitters” on February 14. A brand new audio program about these people who have decided to leave everything behind to change their lives.

The podcast collects the testimonials of those people who had to give up something to better progress and succeed. Be it marriage, work, addictions, phobias and even gender identity, the program will cover many topics. Julie Bowen and Chad Sanders welcome acclaimed guests into their microphones, such as talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, singer Meghan Trainor and Ty Burrell, the actor who played Julie Bowen’s onscreen husband on the “Modern Family” series.

The “Quitters” podcast will be available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcast.

(ETX Daily Up)

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