Moans come out of this man’s suitcase and make the airport laugh

Imagine the surprise of Cudge Cullinan, a 64-year-old Briton, when a woman’s moans escaped from his suitcase. A funny incident that caused the general hilarity of the airport passengers.

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It was actually a joke from his son Lewis, who had just returned from a bachelorette party. Determined to stay in the mood for his weekend, he stuffed a Bluetooth speaker in his father’s suitcase who claimed he had no room in his suitcase.

Progress explains to us that the young man He then pressed the ‘play’ button on an X-rated noisy video file connecting to the speaker while the two men queued to check in.” The Bluetooth speaker then sent out moans all over the airport, ambiguous to say the least.

“Everyone at the airport looked around and laughed. Then it stopped and then it started again and then my father panicked, he gave it to me and I couldn’t turn it off. †

Lewis in front of the mirror

A joke that continues to the delight of the hilarious passengers. This episode has in no way affected the relationships of the Cullinans, a family of lucky dudes:” My father is on alert Lewis concludes: he knows that if he looks for me I will return the ball to him, power 10.

Don’t take life too seriously: that’s Cullinan’s recipe! Consume without measure.

The way he panicked 😂😭🎥: @lewiscullinan via CONTENTbible

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