Miso, lentils, kimchi: 5 foods to restore your intestinal flora

You are constantly bloated, smeared, tired… What if the problem comes from your digestive tract? Yes, we tend to forget, but a healthy and balanced gut flora is often synonymous with good health. So, what foods should you eat to restore intestinal flora?

What is the intestinal flora?

Also known as the microbiota, the gut flora is the collection of “good” viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria (not caused by disease) found in the digestive tract. Its role is essential in the body and its properties are multiple [1] †

  • Absorb nutrients from food
  • produce vitamins
  • Protect the body by fighting against bad bacteria
  • Promote good digestion
  • Maintain our metabolism
  • Boost the immune system
  • and so on

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Is my intestinal flora out of balance?

Intestinal dysbiosis is an imbalance of the microbiota. [2] It is common and, if left untreated, can have serious health consequences: fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, vbetween swollen, bloated feeling, flatulence, immune deficiency, digestive disorders and even diseases. In question, a poor nutrition (too sweet, too fat, too many ultra-processed products), a unhealthy lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, stress, pollution), medicines (antibiotics) and other factors.

But rest assured, an imbalanced microbiota is not inevitable. And since no one is safe from this problem, we offer you a selection of foods to restore your intestinal flora. So, to your notes!

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What foods can you eat to restore your gut flora?

fermented food

Is your intestinal flora depleted or out of balance? To restore it, it is recommended to eat fermented foods, such as kimchi. If you don’t know, here’s how to prepare this traditional Korean dish with unexpected virtues. This Chinese cabbage is known to balance our intestinal flora and reduce the development of certain cancers, especially of the colon, rectum and stomach. The same goes for many fermented foods.

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Rich in vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, yogurt (with almond milk, soy or oats for vegans) is a food to eat to restore the intestinal flora. But beware, not all dairy products have the same effect. It is best to choose yogurt that contains lactic ferments and natural probiotics. You can also opt for fermented milk, such as kefir. [3]

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Miso soup

You may not know it, but miso soup is a precious ally for our microbiota. This Japanese specialty based on dashi broth, wakame seaweed, mushrooms or even tofu does indeed help regenerate the intestinal flora. Without gluten or lactose, this recipe is highly digestible and helps fight inflammation, especially in dysbiosis. [4]

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Is your intestinal flora out of balance? Wondering what foods to eat to restore intestinal flora? Split peas, red and white beans, flageolets, lentils… are what you need! These fiber-rich legumes have a probiotic effect, ie they protect the good bacteria in the gut and promote their growth. And that is essential for a healthy microbiota. [5]

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You now know which foods to eat to restore your intestinal flora naturally.

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