Meditation: practice mindful walking with this application

If walking is a way to get around, it can also be an opportunity to take stock of your feelings or refocus on your senses. This is the principle of the “meditative walk”. To help you, an application offers a series of “guided meditation walks” throughout France.

Do you find it difficult in the curves of your walks and hikes to free yourself from the worries of everyday life? Perhaps the “walking meditation” is for you. The principle is simple: reconnect with your senses by walking.

If this mode of travel is done on a daily basis, to get from point A to point B, walking can also allow you to recharge your batteries. This is the bet launched by the Decathlon Outdoor application, which offers completely free “guided meditation walks”. “Combining walks and meditation is a doubly powerful and beneficial tool for mental, spiritual and physical health”explains the Decathlon Outdoor application in a press release.

The French company, in collaboration with Petit Bambou, is launching a series of routes through France. The routes, to be followed with or without headphones on the ears, offer sounds of nature and sliding “caring advice to step aside”

Thanks to this mindful walk, both in the middle of nature and at the foot of skyscrapers, the goal of walking for 30 minutes a day, about 10,000 steps, is more easily achieved.

This meditative walk allows you to take stock of your emotions, to stop worrying to free yourself. It also helps to strengthen the resistance of the ankles, to work on your breath. In addition, spending time in the woods would reduce his anxiety.

For those who wish, this practice is increasingly developing in national parks or in the forests on the outskirts of large cities. Did you like this article? Discover our special meditation file to continue.

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